woolly women

Woolly women / Rachael Reese is a knitwear designer who asked me to make a series of women wearing her designs.

September knits

September knits / Logo for knitwear designer Rachael Reese featuring her first sweater design.

Good vibrations

Breathe Magazine / Recipe for happy plants and flowers: singing! So put on your favorite music and sing out loud to your plants. Bonus: it will make you happy too!

Think twice

Teen Breathe Magazine / When something bad happens to you, ancient survival insticts can come into play, but mostly it’s better to think before you act

Time honoured traditions

Breathe Magazine /  As the year draws to a close, festivals and customs around the world will mark the occasion with people getting together to eat, drink and be merry. There are, though, traditions in all cultures, at all times of year, across the globe. How can they connect to the past and allow stories and behaviours to be passed from generation to generation.


Slow reading

Slow reading in the age of speed / A wonderful article in Breathe Magazine about reading get’s me dreaming about reading a good book in the woods.